Happy Holidays c2s2! 

I apologize for the lateness, I didn’t receive your name until just the other day. Hope your new year goes swimmingly!

Ref for Raidou’s pose is here. 


Happy Holidays DiscoSouji! Have Raidou bewildered by an extremely festive Jack Frost! (He’d look cute in red, wouldn’t he…)

It seems DiscoSouji got two gifts? It seems there was a mix I guess!

Hol-hee-day Express Shipping has finally arrived, ho! Merry Christmas terraterracotta!

Merry (late) Christmas to zi0dynes! I’m sorry for being late ;v; She requested “Comic/manga of Jack Frost, Pyro Jack and a bunch of other demons celebrating Christmas(or ya know christmas-like celebration) It can be a short 4 panel comic or a long one" but I’m sorry I didn’t have enough time to make a comic, I hope you like this at least.


Merry Christmas Utlimagus!

This is my very belated gift to arowantafanta!

The request was "Any of our Lord’s four most precious servants being sanctimonious harbingers of law and good will" (all caps for effect), and that’s how the first picture somehow came into being.

But then I remembered Christmas and its pagan roots, and reached the conclusion that perhaps our precious servants of the LORD wouldn’t be too willing to celebrate it like that…

I’m terribly sorry for being late, but regardless… merry christmas (what’s left of it anyway) and happy holidays, aro! You’re awesome!

For Deph-Boogie!


For Kisses-of-Taco, who requested Katsuya and Maya being ridiculously adorable in Santa hats! (am i doing this right)

Merry Christmas Kucingila!image

Merry Christmas Therealjubby! Hope you like it!